A downloadable game for Windows

  About the Campaign: 

It is the year 2053 and you are Captain Alexander Brumwell, you work for a privately owned weapons contractor called Citadel who's job is to design weapons and aid the American Law Enforcement Unit (A.L.E.U.) you and your squad specialize in Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.), and have been tasked with neutralizing The New Amerik, an underground crime circle known for kidnappings and assassinations

   About the Arcade: 

At the moment, there is no multiplayer, but the maps listed are planned maps/gamemodes.

-Suburbs - Hostage (Team A tries to free at least 2/3 hostages in 10 minutes)

-Farm - TDM (TDM with a ten minute timer)

-Mall - Bomb Defusal (Team A has to defuse a bomb and escort it to the truck in 10 minutes)

-Factory - Retrieval (Team A tries to get the objective back to base in 15 minutes or less [Team B gets a damage boost so that Team A tries to be stealthy]

-Highway - King Of The Hill (Teams A & B try to control an explosives van by jumping to it from their spawn vehicles in 15 minutes)

-Hotel - Siege (Team B Defends 3 points. Part 1 of the match Team B defends point A for 3 minutes and if Team A captures it, the remaining time is added to the timer and Part 2 starts, where Team B defends point B for 3 minutes + the remaining time from Part 1, and so on for another Part, and if all points are captured, Team A wins, but if they fail to capture even the first point, they lose)

-Airport - Cat & Mouse (Team A has to kill three "Mice" enemies which have bombs and defuse the bombs before the "Mice" enemies can reach their designated planes. There are also three other "Sleeper" enemies that can equip SMG's and Handguns which can disguise as civilians until they attack) 


1 Some what playable map

4 Classes (5 technically but Breacher does not work right now)

6 Weapons

Tutorial Map


Ammo Refilling

Some editable settings

Features planned for 0.8

1 Fully working map

Finish Breacher class & give other classes their tools

More weapons & replacing older models


Better tutorial map

Attachments and class editing

Slightly more realistic bullet physics

Finish all animations

Hands for weapon/tools

Configurable controls

LOTS of bug fixes/optimizations

Better Menu UI

Easter eggs. . .

Features planned for release:

8-10 Maps

24 Primary Weapons (12 for each team)

8 Secondary Weapons

23 Ranks (Cadet 4-1, Private 4-1, Lieutenant 4-1, Sergeant 3-1, Brigadier 3-1, Marshal 2-1, Captain 2-1, Warden)

20 Attachments

10 Tools

15 Color Tiered Perks (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey from best to worst)

Competent AI/AI Commands


Multiplayer. . . ?


Both side playability

Playable Heroes/Villains

10 total classes


WASD - Forward/Left/Back/Right Movement

1/2/Scroll Wheel - Weapon Slots

G - Grenade

E - Action

F - Flashlight

R - Reload

M - Minimap Drone

LMB - Shoot

RMB - Aim

3/4/5 - Tools**

Left Alt - Activate/Use Attachments**

Q - Shield

Esc - Pause

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*I personally would recommend you wait for 0.8 to play so it doesn't disappoint you

**Not implemented yet

PublisherKinglyfireball Studios
GenreShooter, Action, Fighting
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Futuristic, swat
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

Install instructions

Open your Downloads folder (Or whatever folder you saved it to) open the .zip folder, then double click Breach & Clear, then click extract. Check show files when done, when the unzipped folder opens, double click Breach & Clear and play.

Enjoy playing Breach & Clear!


Breach & Clear 0.7.1 Windows 55 MB
Breach & Clear 0.6.1.zip 57 MB
Breach & Clear TB5 36 MB
Breach & Clear TB3 36 MB

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When I do arcade it doesn't take me to game


i wish i had a windows so i could play this it seems like a much better low poly rainbow 6 siege


I will see what i can do to make it Mac compatible

Thank you so much


Dude...why don't more people know about this?!

i dont know man i dont know